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Experience Bollywood in many ways

Image by Pranav Kumar Jain

Wedding Sangeet Workshops

We have taught dances for wedding sangeet for Indian weddings all over the world. From the bridal dance to couples dance, parents dance, siblings performance and friends performances.... the choreography can be taught virtually so no matter which part fo the world you are living in - the group can learn it individually and then we run group practices. 

We also do onsite choreography practices for the final performances.


Experiential Workshops for Travelers

Our Bollywood "MASALA" experiential sessions are a chance to explore and discover the Bollywood way of experiencing India. 

Participants are taught simple Bollywood dance steps. These steps are gradually built as a sequence - first footwork, then hand movements followed by eye and facial expressions until all are combined. Within a very short period participants are able to learn an entire dance routine.

These are unique Experiential Themed workshops which create a wonderful travel memory for the customers. We also travel to countries and conduct the workshops as required.


Fundraising Workshops for a Cause

We help not-for-profit organisation organise Bollywood Dance workshop fundraising events or corporate workshops and the fundraised is donated to their cause. We render our services to promote and aid the cause. Its a very creative and fun way to raise funds!

Dance Class

Refugee Dance Therapy

I have been associated closely with the cause of empowering refugee women through my entrepreneurship coaching bootcamps via SelfAchievers

I also understand that healing is an important part of rebuilding. I use my dance workshops as a means to heal the refugees who have been displaced from their homes and country through dance therapy.

I work with NGO's globally and international refugee centers to conduct dance therapy workshops.


Master Classes

We conduct master classes at gyms, dance studios, clubs and events across the globe. A great way to connect your students to a new dance form and for making your event uniquely exclusive. Connect with Nidhi to host a Master Class in your city or country

Dancing By a Bridge

Workshops for Music Videos

If you need choreography for your next music video or TV ad we can do it for you. Worldwide known for great choreographies Nidhi has created video ads for some premium brands in Singapore.

Crate of Fresh Fruit

Wellness & Nutrition

Nidhi has been in the wellness space for twenty years. Along with being a fitness instructor Nidhi is a also a yoga practitioner and a nutritionist to bring a complete package for your wellness and health benefits. She has received her  certificate from PlateByZumba and incorporates simple techniques for a sustainable healthy lifestyle and endurance building.

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