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Explore the multifaceted world of Bollywood like never before!

Image by Pranav Kumar Jain

Indian Wedding Sangeet Workshops

We've instructed dances for wedding sangeets in Indian weddings across the globe. From the enchanting bridal dance to captivating couple routines, parent performances, sibling acts, and friends' spectacular performances—our choreography sessions transcend borders. With virtual teachings, regardless of your global location, individuals can learn choreography individually, followed by group practices facilitated by us.

Moreover, we also offer on-site choreography sessions to fine-tune and prepare for the grand finale performances.


Experiential Workshops for Travelers

Immerse yourself in our Bollywood "MASALA" experiential sessions—an invitation to discover India's vibrant essence through Bollywood. Participants delve into the world of Bollywood dance, starting with simple steps that gradually evolve into a seamless sequence. From footwork to hand movements and captivating expressions, these sessions quickly culminate in mastering an entire dance routine.

These unique experiential-themed workshops offer an unforgettable travel memory for our customers. As part of our offerings, we also travel to different countries, conducting workshops tailored to specific requirements.


Fundraising Workshops for a Cause

We partner with not-for-profit organizations to orchestrate impactful Bollywood Dance workshop fundraising events or corporate workshops. The funds raised during these events are dedicated to supporting their cause. Our commitment lies in leveraging our services to champion and advance these noble causes. It's a wonderfully creative and enjoyable approach to fundraising with a purpose!

Dance Class

Dance Therapy

Discover the transformative power of dance therapy with BollyBeatz. Our dance therapy sessions offer more than just movement; they're a gateway to emotional expression, stress relief, and mental well-being. Through rhythmic movements and guided sessions, we facilitate a space where individuals can explore their emotions, alleviate stress, and find solace in the language of dance. Join us to experience the healing and uplifting effects of dance therapy, embracing a holistic approach to wellness through the art of movement.


Master Classes

We lead master classes at gyms, dance studios, clubs, and various events worldwide—a fantastic opportunity to introduce your students to a fresh dance form and infuse your event with unparalleled exclusivity. Get in touch with Nidhi to arrange a Master Class in your city or country and elevate your dance experience!

Dancing By a Bridge

Workshops for Music Videos

Should you require choreography for your upcoming music video or TV advertisement, look no further! Renowned globally for exceptional choreography, Nidhi has crafted captivating video ads for esteemed premium brands in Singapore. Trust us to bring your vision to life through dynamic and impactful choreography.

Crate of Fresh Fruit

Wellness & Nutrition

I offer a comprehensive wellness package that goes beyond dance fitness, encompassing the essential balance of proper nutrition for overall well-being. With two decades in the wellness industry, I bring more than just fitness expertise. As a certified yoga practitioner and nutritionist, I curate a holistic approach to your health. My credentials from PlateByZumba highlight my commitment to simple yet sustainable techniques for a healthier lifestyle and enhanced endurance. Experience a complete wellness journey tailored to your health and fitness needs.

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