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Keynote Speaker

Nidhi is a sought-after speaker who delivers impactful addresses at universities, schools, conferences, trade associations, and corporate gatherings. She delivers over twenty riveting keynote speeches annually on

Creative Entrepreneurship

Converting Your Passion into a Profession

Building a global business from your creative skills

Importance of entrepreneurship in a woman's life

Her speeches echo her extensive experience, drawing from founding numerous companies across diverse countries and continents and advising multiple startups.

Are you eager to have Nidhi speak at your event? Contact her at to invite her to your next event or workshop

Keynote Speaker: About

Creative Entrepreneurship Coaching

Transforming your passion into a thriving business: A guide to success

I've lived half my life as an entrepreneur, and I'm deeply thankful for the chance to turn my passion into a profession. My purpose now is to empower others to discover their true calling, find meaning, and embrace purpose in their lives.

Here's our process:

  1. Discover Your Ikigai

  2. Ideation - Collaborative brainstorming to list potential business ideas, leading to the selection of the ideal concept.

  3. Business Plan Creation

  4. Brand Name Registration and Formalization

  5. Business Operation Insights

  6. Branding Strategies

  7. Marketing & Growth Plans

  8. Starting Small - With minimal investment, launch your endeavor.

Remember: Accept yourself as you are, utilize what you have, and connect with the world around you. Let your intentions be known as you embark on this new journey. Believe in the potential for greatness and embrace every opportunity that comes your way.

Keynote Speaker: About
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