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1:1 Coaching

A customised wellness plan suited for every individual to meet their wellness and health goals as well as making it a part of their daily lifestyle. I believe in simple sustainable solutions and not crash diet plans. To create sustainable wellness we need to make small but steady changes that stay with us forever. 

We will meet and check-in weekly — virtually or via phone — and work with your schedule to ensure flexibility.

Space is always limited.

WhatsApp to schedule a complimentary 15-minute meet & greet.

Wellness & Nutrition Coaching: About
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Wellness Talks & Speaker Sessions

Nidhi is a globally-renowned and award-winning Wellness & Lifestyle Coach
A promoter of sustainable, easy to practice healthy lifestyle, Nidhi emphasises on the use of natural foods, healthy in-between meal snacks, meal flow and lifestyle changes to move towards an energy induced life. As a fitness specialist, she has been working to build immunity and stamina in her clients lives. 
Nidhi has been awarded Transforming Leadership - Corporate Wellness by teh Women's Economic Forum and the Global Leadership award for her work in the space fo Health, Nutrition & Wellness

Wellness & Nutrition Coaching: About
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