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Our everyday superheroes! The Changing India

Meet Mr and Mrs Madan Mohan Gupta. They are the face of this changing and developing India . They run a small impermanent structured tea stall at NRI circle in Pratap Nagar.

Along with tea they sell snacks, mouth-freshners , and other things.

I had bad eating habits and would eat pan masala on a regular basis (now I can share this coz it's been two years since I left this bad habit). The aunty and uncle are always smiling. One day I saw their son sitting in the stall. An 19 year old youth. I asked the aunty what her son was doing and where was he studying. She shared with me that both her son's were toppers in the government school and had taken their IIT entrance examination. The older one didn't get through, so he went to a government college and completed his engineering there. Now he works with Bosch. I asked her what he does there and she smiles coyly and says.... I don't understand what they studied and what they do but I know he works there.

The younger one studies at MNIT Jaipur, a regional engineering college.

The boys whenever off from college or work help out at the tea stall. What wonderful and progressive parents who spent their lifetime running a tea stall and ensuring their kids get the best of education and opportunities. This is the changing face of our country. This is the development and the path to a glorious future of equality.

The couple continues their work with a smile everyday and yesterday when I met them, she said she misses seeing me but she's happy I left the habit!

They are our everyday heroes that are ordinary citizens with extraordinary stories and life. They are content and happy. I was once watching an interview of an American lady on India and she said "India is chaotic, there are so many poor people - yet they seem so happy. In our country we have so much of everything yet we are sad!"


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