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LeanIn Girls!

I recently finished reading "lean in" by Sheryl Sandberg. A wonderful book on how women need to be enablers and a source of strength for each other. Women can be great mentors, practical guides, good friends and supporters when we need it the most

So, what is important in life is, to allow yourself that girlfriends time and keep investing in your close relationship with your girls. They are what saves us from the many "down moments" in life

My four girlfriends and I have been friends since sixth grade. We've been there for each other, laughed, cried, always been authentic and open, not judged, sobbed over break ups and bad marks, shared anxieties and joys, been happy for each other's successes and been there to lift each other's spirits up when we feel down. I've moved three countries, 13 cities and 17 homes in the last 20 years. I truly believe that I have survived because my friends have always been there for me emotionally and just a call away.

We try to take the time out and make our get togethers a priority. We spend time just chatting, reminiscing and laughing over our school days and craziness, sharing our fears and anxieties, excitements, life's events, troubles and philosophies. Being who we are - the crazy 5. We have a ball in front of cameras creating more new memories. We dip in our private villa pool, go for massages and spa, get nails done, shop, dance, watch movies, eat, drink, coffees and everything that girls love to do together.

We all owe it to ourselves to take that break. There'll always be other priorities, other work, a job or a family event; but trust me - take the time out to be with your girlfriend. It'll take you a long way in maintaining your emotional health! These are some of teh reasons why I think girls trips are so important

Girls' trips release happy hormones Hanging out with friends can help release oxytocin, a trust and love hormone. This can make you feel happy, trusting, generous and loved

Authentic friendships make you healthier Good friendships leads to a higher quotient of emotional well being and mental health and happiness. They help us believe in the goodness of humanity and relationships. They become the building blocks when we face any setbacks in life

Friendships help your other relationships

Having a close friend to talk to can help our other relationships too. You can vent, seek guidance, help and support which can make you more aware and give you the tools to mend or work on your other relationships. Also, if you have a close friend, you will be less clingy towards your partner, thus giving them room to breathe

Girls trips make you stay youthful

Being with the girls, going down the memory lane, doing activities and fun things together keeps us motivated, zesty and youthful. You feel like wanting to dress up, to unleash your inner being, to open your heart and embrace life as is and shed your covers. It keep you young at heart and mind!

Plan your next trip now!

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