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A tet-a-tet with TV host Vartika Jain

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

In a candid conversation with Vartika Jain about how our move to India came about, the ups and downs, emotional roller coaster, learnings, finding joy and accepting and making India home.

This conversation led me to realise that yes there is so much to be grateful for and being in India has taught me so much about my ownself, opened the gateway to my inner journey, spirituality, minimalism, heightened awareness of energies and auras, yoga and my inner growth

Often in times, when lif

e takes a detour from the perfect image that we have created in our mind, we start to fumble. But we need to place the trust and faith that whatever is happening is for a bigger and greater cause and that when we look back in a few months or years and connect the dots, it will all make sense. It has to me!

I was so cushioned in my picture perfect life in Singapore, that had I continued to live there my new business NeedyBee would have never been founded. I would have not realised the potential I have, to create a product brand from ground up and make it into a top kids brand. I would not have had the opportunity to interact with artisans through my export arm JaipurSe and learn about their work, their lives and their families. Its been such a fulfilling experience being a part of people's journey and connecting them with global buyers so they can have better work opportunities and business income.

Change is sometimes hard and gets harder when we are not open to accepting it. If you are struggling with a change or a situation in your life and need assistance and guidance to get through it - ask for help! You may connect with the lifecoach team at SelfAchievers

There is nothing in life that we cannot overcome. We just have to be aware of the problem, accept it and then only can we do something about it!

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