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Keynote Speaker

Nidhi is an invited speaker at many universities, schools, conferences, trade associations and corporates. She gives over twenty keynote speeches per year. Her topics include Creative entrepreneurship, How to convert a passion into a profession, Entrepreneurship for women.

Her speeches on Entrepreneurship and how to create a new company, reflects the knowledge she has gained from starting multiple companies in different countries and continents, and advising dozens of start-ups.

If you are interested in inviting Nidhi for a speaking session email her at

Keynote Speaker: About

Creative Entrepreneurship Coaching

How to convert your passion into a successful business

I have been an entrepreneur for half of my life. I am extremely grateful to the Universe for having presented me the opportunity to make a profession out of my passion. My mission and purpose is to empower others to discover their true calling and pursue that to find meaning and purpose in their own lives. 


  • Find your Ikigai

  • Business ideation - Brainstorming with you to list down various business ideas that you can pursue. We zero in on your business idea and being your journey from there

  • Creating a Business Plan

  • Registering the Brand name and formalising it

  • Understanding how to run a business

  • Branding

  • Marketing & Growth Plan

  • Starting small (with no investment, if you have no money

Accept yourself as you are with what you have.Connect with the world around you. Let the world know that you are embarking on a new journey. Believe that great things will happen to you and embrace all the opportunities that come your way

Keynote Speaker: About
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