I have two left feet and cannot dance, which class should I take to catch on rhythm and movement and be able to dance to any style of indian music at parties etc.?

BollyArobix classes are perfect for learning basic steps from the very beginning and getting comfortable with rhythm and moving to all different speeds and tabla beats heard in Bhangra and Bollywood music played at parties and night clubs. You need no prior experience of dance to join this class. Its an amazingly fun workout and you will sweat it out!

Can I do a trial class?

Due to limited space in the dance studio and a distraction to classes in session, we do not offer trial classes or allow viewing of classes. Drop-in classes are allowed only for BollyArobix @$40/class.

How does the BollyArobix card work?

Once purchased, your 12 class card is good for 6 months and the 24 class card is good for 8 months from the start date of the session you register for. You can use the card for any BollyArobix class You can renew as often as you wish once you are enrolled. Card is not transferable and cannot be used by two people.

What do I wear to class?
Gym attire or dancewear is appropriate for all classes. Thin sole & flexible sneakers are good, Dance sneakers are recommended and you must carry a bottle of water to class. No dancing bare feet – no slippery shoes.Please wear exercise clothes to class in which you can stretch comfortably

What happens if I miss a class?

No credits will be given for any missed classes. Please have contact numbers of students in the class so that in case you miss a class you can coordinate to meet 15 mins before the class and pick the steps from the previous class.

Will I get to perform?

Students will be informed of any upcoming events in Sngapore and would be encouraged to register and participate in those events.

I have a back injury – can I still enroll?

Please notify the instructor of any injuries or health issues the student may be suffering from. We will let you know if the class will be suitable for you or not.

Can I Suggest a song for the class?

You are most welcome to give your suggestion for a song on which a dance can be taught. The final decision will be made by the instructor.

Are the classes only for women?

All classes are open for men and women; girls and boys

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To download registration form for India Click Here.

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